Saturday, January 3, 2015

Unsullied Perspective's 2014 Year in Review #2014throwback

Here comes 2015! Anticipating what this new year would bring us. But for now, we could only look back and be thankful for all memorable events and happy occasions that made our 2014.  Some of our thoughts and experiences were shared with you here in our blog Unsullied Perspective that we hope helped you in one way or another.  We only managed to post around 20 articles which is half short of our once a week target or around 54 posts.  We think we have to include in our 2015 resolution to ensure that we keep track our weekly target.  Anyways, to summarize our 2014, here is Unsullied Perspective's Year in Review. 

After three months of absence in 2013, our blog welcomed January 2014 with a post to help SSS members on how to know the correct SSS premium to pay since a new SSS contribution schedule was released. We were back in March by another helpful tip on how to compute the SSS maternity benefit based on SSS regulation that time.  This was also based on our contributor's personal experience when she availed of her maternity benefit. 

February and April were busy months for us that we totally neglected posting anything at all.  But it was in April that Unsullied Perspective had the chance to visit Dumaguete, one of the Philippines most preferred destination of foreign retirees.  You can check our May post about Siaton, Negros Oriental to see some of our snapshots of that place.  With the school opening in June, we had to sort out things and clear our drawers and cabinets to give space to new books and school materials.  Thus, we found some valuable things in there that brought us to nostalgia in one hand and helped us to plan ahead in another hand.  A wave of sweet memories swept us with our post on how a navi-planner shaped our 2012 while our tip on what a coin bank can do gave us an exciting saving and spending plan.  

Our simple spending spree using our coin savings in June carried on until July.  By August, we started our Fun Treat activity to mark the start of our year long gift giving celebration in preparation for our 10th anniversary in August 2015.  

That's correct, we have our twelve months of fun sharing and gift giving celebration so we have our winners every month that started last September 2014.  Who knows, you might score a fun treat to share with your family and friends.  Always check our giveaways page for the updated monthly fun treat and for the list of our winners.

We received numerous comments about maternity benefits so we felt compelled to also share with our readers about the Philhealth maternity and new-born care package that we posted in September.  In October, we scheduled for passport and NBI clearance renewal which we also posted the updated steps here for your reference.  

The mechanics for our monthly Fun Treat for October and November were posted in our blog and shared in our Facebook page.  With this Fun Treat, were able to give away Starbucks card preloaded with P300.00 and SM gift cards worth P500.00 to our lucky blog readers for September, October and November.  This is a continuing fun gift-giving activity so our readers still have a chance to join and win exciting prizes until our 15th year celebration.  Also this December we provided you our guide to updating Comelec registration for the mandatory biometrics capturing in preparation for the 2016 election. We hope you include that in your 2015 plans if your Comelec record is not yet biometrics-ready. 

The last quarter of 2014 marked a milestone for Unsullied Perspective that showed an increase in unique site visits everyday.  We have surpassed the hundred thousand readership with blog readers coming from the Philippines, USA, France, Germany, Poland, India, Singapore, Spain, Ukraine and United Kingdom as our top 10 country visitors among many others.

 We also managed to answer our reader's queries and provide feedback on their comments that in some way afforded us a sense of fulfillment.  We could have reached that milestone in the early years of this blog had we been more active especially in social media such as Facebook and Twitter ;-) .  Anyway, we still have more time to catch up and reach greater rank in terms of our web presence.  We hope to do that with the help of our community and our fellow bloggers.  Cheers to 2015!

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