Saturday, October 25, 2014

How to Apply Online for NBI Clearance

At the start of the year 2014, we were greeted by news report about the long lines of people seeking clearance at the office of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).  Apparently, NBI was migrating their system to a new one and NBI Officials explained that once the process of tranferring to the new computerized system was completed, the long lines would ease up.  I remember the time when I first applied for NBI clearance I spent the whole day waiting in line.  Although a computerized system was already in place at that time, the application process still took that long and there was no chance you would get your clearance on that same day.  After I went through several windows where I filled out the application, paid at the cashier and queued for picture and data capturing, I was informed to be back on another day, earliest would be three days for the release of clearance. That was, they needed to verify my records to see if I did not have offenses or if I have same name with another who had criminal record.  So the release of clearance still depend only if there would be no problem with my records otherwise I would need to go back possibly on another day again to provide proofs of my identity.

That was the tedious process of applying for NBI clearance at the NBI Main Office years ago. Eventually, the process improved when they opened satellite branches in malls and other offsite offices.  So it was really big news when long queue started to pile up again earlier this year.  Understandably,  it was the result of the Bureau's quest to improve the system and what a better way to do it than to make its services available thru the internet.  So today, I had the chance to finally use the Online NBI Clearance Application.  Here is the step by step guide to help you through the application process.
1.  From the NBI website, select from the menu Clearance Registration Application.  A new form will be displayed.
2. Fill out all pertinent information. Select NEW for first-time applicants and RENEWAL for those who have previously issued clearance.
3. Fill out Applicant information, Contact details, family background, and other information.
4. After filling out the application, click SUBMIT.  A reference code will be provided once the application is successfully submitted.  You can copy this reference code or print your system generated application form. If you do not have printer, just be sure to have the reference code when you go to NBI office.
5. You can then proceed to the NBI Office in Manila.  Pay the corresponding fee and proceed to picture  and biometrics capturing.
6.  If there is no significant findings in your record, you can get your clearance on the same day.

So there goes the easier process for applying NBI clearance. The process seem to have been significantly streamlined with the online application process.  Even the waiting time for the release of clearance has greatly reduced from days to just a matter of hours. Maybe next time they could come up with an online payment so that applicants no longer need to queue at the cashier. But, generally, the improved process is a real great feat!

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