Monday, July 14, 2014

What I Bought With My June Coin Savings

See what I bought with my coin bank savings.

It's middle of July and I seem to be getting more excited to find out just how much coins I would be able to save from uselessness. If you read my previous post,;) "What a Coin Bank Can Do For You", I am pretty sure you know what I am talking about.

Nowadays, I find myself constantly on a hunt of the family's unwanted coins. Those one peso and centavo coins that are usually abandoned inside pockets and eventually end up stuck in the washing machine. Sometimes sitting on computer tables and even on countertops and shelves waiting for somebody to give them valuable purpose.

Yes! Too excited I am that I can't wait for the end of month to count just how much I accumulated that I prematurely took a peek of my latest savings. For the month of June, I was able to save 1,263.00 in a month's time. Now, halfway through July, I can't wait to count and plan on what to buy with my precious finds.

I am a happy saver indeed! I still need to wait for 15 more days before I give my verdict on what to do with that savings and share again with you how I spend my July coin savings to encourage you to save coins then keep them circulating. As of the moment, I would just share with you what my coin savings provided me.

Memories come cheap that my P1,263 coin savings afforded me the happiness and excitement I shared with family. Based on the options I posted here last time, I decided to spend the money with my loved ones with these:

1. A hearty and fulfilling breakfast at Starbucks with my honey bunch. My husband had his usual Hot Americano espresso coffee combined with Tuna and Cheese Ciabatta. I had my favorite Choco Chip Frappuccino and the new strawberry cheesecake. The smell of freshly brewed coffee in this cafe lifted my mood that day plus the fact that it was a special morning date with my husband made me thankful to my coin bank. All these for 565.00 that left us with 698.00 more to spend.

2.The next day, I decided to give up a part of my coin savings with a Pizza Hut Hot Deal. We had two boxes of pizza I ordered online for Family Supreme and Family Hawaian Supreme that comes with a free 1.5 liter of Pepsi all for only 499.00. The kids were surprised to see the pizza delivery that they asked me what was the occassion. I said that I only gave the coins valuable purpose that afforded us a family bonding with a pizza to share for dinner. For this treat I spent 549.00 with 499.00 for the pizza and 50.00 tip for the delivery boy that left me with only 149.00.

3. It took me days to decide on what I should do with the remaining money. Nonetheless, I still think that it can afford me something great.  Just last week, I was able to buy something for mom for only P130.00.  I still have P19.00 spare coins that I decided to carry over for my next coin spending project. 


Imagine how you can transform your useless coins into precious memories and valuable finds,  Remember to keep those coins circulating. 

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