Monday, March 16, 2015

My Very First Nuffnang Cash Out 2015

Yipee!!! After five years of being a Nuffnang member, I finally get to pick the fruit of my labor - ripe for the picking as they say. :-)  Five years??? You might wonder why it took that long before I cash out my earnings.  To be honest - it is not that easy to build readership and followers especially if you are a social media nobody or you do not have a dedicated time to build your audience.  If you really want to earn from blogging, the principle is no different from putting your time and effort as when you are an employee in a company or an actor or a businessman.  You need to work hard to earn your "salary" or your "award" and "millions".  It is much like always putting your best foot forward to be in the lead and get that coveted promotion in no time. :-)  I admit that I did not take the earning-from-blogging part too seriously because there were times when I really do not blog for some months.  Based from experienced blogger, blog content is very essential to ensure higher page rank and wide readership. Advertisers always look for that to ensure that their product will be seen by people.  Anyways, back to my Nuffnang journey,  I have enjoyed many perks from being a Nuffnang member which I shared in one of my posts as My Nuffnang Story sometime in 2011.  But there are two things which I have not experienced yet, attending a Nuffnang Blog Award and receiving that Nuffnang paycheck.  I once wrote... "Nuffnang opened a chance for me to be paid for my hard work. Although I haven’t taken this too seriously yet, (as I wasn’t as active as Hannah, Ada or Mica) but learning from other Nuffnangers who already received a huge paycheck, it was truly a career milestone.  Well, well, well…that I still have to see...."

In 2012 and 2013, I was more into exploring different places and experimenting on my personal milestone that I very seldom visit my own site.  It was in 2014 that I return to blogging and seriously resolved to make that first paycheck.

And true enough...I just had the chance to cash out my earnings this March.  Now I am looking forward to receiving that memorable paycheck sometime in April which I will gladly write about on how I will save or spend that money. **too excited** 

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  1. Hi I just want to ask as i'm currently pregnant on my 5th child but was never able to use SSS on my first 4, I understand that the this benefits only covers the first 4 deliveries. But I think that's unfair as I'm a member as well and that they should take in to consideration the number of usage / utilization instead of number of deliveries. Is there any way that I can further escalate the said concern? Thanks!