Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Earth Hour 2015 - Use #YourPower to Change Climate Change

It's almost five years since we first joined Earth Hour by the World Wildlife Fund.  Earth Hour is a global movement that started in 2007 with the aim to raise awareness about climate change.  This event is held annually to encourage everyone to take action to "change climate change".  That is right,  for this year, the event's main goal is to "CHANGE CLIMATE CHANGE". 

I still remember those early days when I joined Earth Hour, when the term climate change was usually unheard of in our country and we were clueless what it was all about. Those days when all we could understand was that it was a lights-out event and only a few people knew of the movement.  Now we know better, it has grown worldwide with hundreds of countries including the Philippines taking part in it and showing commitment for this great cause.  We have recently received an email from the Earth Hour Global Team with our Earth Hour 2015 Starter Kit. 

As an advocate for Earth Hour and to once again show our support in this global movement, we wish to share with you and seek your help to spread the word about Earth Hour 2015.  You can use the new Earth Hour 2015 poster for your home, workplace or classroom.  You can freely use the Official Earth Hour logos and web banners for your website or blog.

We have seen and experienced the impact of climate change in our lives.  For 2015, use #YourPower to change Climate Change!

For ways on how you can actively take part in your own way in this global action, you can check our several posts under the environment and earth hour categories.  You can start here >>


  1. Shared this on my social media.. Though I'm following Earth Hour FB page I only learned that the next #EarthHour would be on March 28 here in your blog :)

  2. Thanks for dropping by again Yhie and thank you for sharing earth hour. :-) By the way, you haven't sent us an email to claim your prize for our December Fun Treat. Please check that out or you might as well share the winning with a friend.