Monday, June 19, 2017

How to Get the Improved Postal ID from PhlPost

A valid identification (ID) card is very important when you need to apply for a passport, open a bank account, engage in business deals and many other engagements.  At least two valid primary IDs with your picture and signature are usually required to validate a person's identity.  I have seen people who have been turned down to open a bank account or denied access to establishment because they have no proof of identity to present. If you or someone you know is one of those people without even a single identification card, there is the improved postal ID that you can get from the Philippine Postal Corporation or PhlPost.  Filipinos and foreign residents of any age or occupation may apply and the ID shall be valid for three (3) years for Filipinos and those with Special Retiree’s Resident Visa (SRRV) while only one year validity for foreign residents,  Application forms are available in any post office, and can also be downloaded online.

Here is the step by step guide in securing the improved Postal ID

FIRST, you must complete the documents required for application

1. Two (2) copies of duly-accomplished Postal ID application form 
2. Proof of Identity such as Birth Certificate issued by NSO or Local Civil Registry.  For married female a pplicants, a copy of marriage certificate is also required to validate change of name from birth records.

If in any case you have no Birth Certificate, you may submit ANY TWO (2) of the following documents, at least one of which should bear your photo and signature:

•Baptismal Certificate 
•Certificate of Birth 
•College or Post-Graduate Transcript of Records 
•Confirmation Certificate 
•Elementary or High School Form 137 
•Marriage Certificate
•Valid Alumni ID 
•Valid College, School or University ID 
•Valid Company ID 
•Valid Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID
•Valid NBI Clearance 
•Valid OWWA ID 
•Valid Pag-Ibig ID 
•Valid PhilHealth ID 
•Valid PRC ID 
•Valid Paper-based Postal ID 
•Valid Police Clearance 
•Valid Seaman’s Book
•Valid Senior Citizen ID 
•Valid Tax Identification Number Card 
•Valid Voter’s ID

3. Proof of Address - together with the application form and proof of identity, you must submit any one (1) of the following:

 •Barangay Certificate of Residency – issued within three (3) months prior to PID application
•Certification or statement of account from hotel, transient home or any temporary residence within three (3) months prior to   application
•Notarized, if applicable, Land, House or Condominium Lease Contract
•Bank statement
•Credit card statement
•School billing stateme
•Utility bill (cable, electric, internet, landline, telephone, water)

SECOND, After you have completed filling out the forms and required documents, you may submit them  to any post office for screening and payment. Applicant will only pay a fixed fee of PHP504.00 for the postal ID (inclusive of delivery fee and tax).  Your submitted documents will be screened and if it passed the approval process,  you will head to ID capture station to be photographed and fingerprinted. 
THIRD, expect to receive your Improved Postal ID delivered by PhlPost mail carrier directly at your registered address on the following schedules:
• In Metro Manila - Approximately fifteen (15) working days from application
• Other major cities and municipalities – Approximately twenty (20) working days
• Island provinces and remote barangays - Approximately thirty (30) working days

Aside from being a primary card, the improved postal ID is also a privilege card that provides discounts and freebies from partner establishments. Holders of Postal ID cards can enjoy various privileges while dining at restaurants, staying at hotels or resorts, visiting theme parks, shopping for appliances and other products, or availing services in salons, spas, clinics, fitness centers, training schools, etc. For the complete list of merchant-partners, visit the PhlPost website.

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