Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Family Staycation at Hotel H2O Manila

**Post Exchange 17-03**

It was Oppa C's birthday so even if we had a depressing start of month, I decided not to spoil his day by giving him a surprise birthday treat.  I just got out from the hospital and there was no way we can stroll around.  Our only option was to celebrate at home or have a staycation.  It would surely be a tiresome day to celebrate at home since we need to prepare food and everything so I searched for an affordable staycation in hotel booking sites.  As the day I was eyeing was already too near, the hotels I searched for were either fully booked or too costly.

I tried searching for accommodations at deals sites and I was lucky to find a Metrodeal offer for Hotel H2O with free lunch at Liquid Buffet and free pass to Yexel's Toy Museum at Manila Ocean Park (MOP).  READ MORE >>

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