Monday, February 6, 2017

Unsullied Perspective 2016 Year in Review

Looked like the year 2016 ended without too much activities in this blog with only four posts listed. But it did not mean that we hibernated for a year long. It was only like that because we needed to re-prioritize and re-arrange our plans.  We moved some of our articles on travel and fun activities in our new website at Mosey Butterfly.  We had to spend much time in the layout, design and concept of our website to provide our readers helpful information and travel tips. The main post contributor also had to dedicate some moments to complete the book which was at the proofreading stage that year.  We wished to publish it in 2016 but there were some challenges happened that prevented us to release the book. You can check out the preview of the book <<here>> and reserve your copy <<here>>.  We decided that as part of Unsullied Perspective's advocacy, part of the earnings from the book will be donated to our favorite charity institution.

Anyways, 2016 was a great year also as we were able to accomplish major personal plans such as house renovation and move-in. We will share with you our exciting experiences about that, too!  We did not miss on our yearly target of going to at least one new place for new adventures like what we had in the beautiful islands of Coron Palawan. Articles on our memorable experiences were posted at Mosey Butterfly.

From the four articles that we had here, we were able to share to you, our dear readers those flashback memories from 2015.  Then we provided you the 2016 financial calendar planner to help you in tracking your finances. As it was the election year, we also posted related articles on that. Literally "change had come"  in every aspect of politics and I guess even in the way that freedom of expression was exercised as it garnered a big influence on the outcome of the election.  Lucky for us that we live in a democratic country where we were given the right to express ourselves.  We also continued our helpline for SSS inquiries though we emphasized that what we were sharing were based on personal account and understanding of the SSS regulations. Our readers have all the freedom to ask directly from SSS about their concerns.

There goes our 2016 and we do hope that our 2017 will be more productive and exciting year. And I think it is not yet too late to have our new year's wish..

1. For Unsullied Perspective to reach more readers and may they find helpful articles in our blog.
2. To publish a best-selling book so we can donate more to charities.
3. To be able to take part in more campaigns and blogger events to inspire us to write meaningful articles.

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