Thursday, November 9, 2017

Family Relaxation at Destination Hotel Tagaytay

Post Exchange 17-05

Yay! It's been 3 years since I last visited Tagaytay and the kids never been there so this is a great time to give them that memorable experience.  I searched for a place where our family could have an overnight stay in Tagaytay and found Destination Hotel through Trip Advisor.  I just find accommodations in Tagaytay as a little pricey since this is one of the favorite destinations among locals when they want to experience that cold weather and escape Manila heat.  This is a better alternative than driving your way to Baguio City when you want that winter feel that will save you some hours of travel time.  READ MORE>>


Monday, September 25, 2017

Family Relaxation at The Exchange Regency Residence Hotel

Post exchange 17-04

It was another long weekend and we just felt that we need to do some family bonding considering that my husband and I were too busy with office work and the kids with their school activities.  We hardly dined together or spent quality time for several weeks that we all felt alienated from each other.   Thus my husband decided to have some get-together to create great memories with our growing kids.   It was great that I scored an Agoda reservation for two rooms at The Exchange Regency for 65% discounted rate with free buffet breakfast for four. READ MORE >>

Monday, June 19, 2017

How to Get the Improved Postal ID from PhlPost

A valid identification (ID) card is very important when you need to apply for a passport, open a bank account, engage in business deals and many other engagements.  At least two valid primary IDs with your picture and signature are usually required to validate a person's identity.  I have seen people who have been turned down to open a bank account or denied access to establishment because they have no proof of identity to present. If you or someone you know is one of those people without even a single identification card, there is the improved postal ID that you can get from the Philippine Postal Corporation or PhlPost.  Filipinos and foreign residents of any age or occupation may apply and the ID shall be valid for three (3) years for Filipinos and those with Special Retiree’s Resident Visa (SRRV) while only one year validity for foreign residents,  Application forms are available in any post office, and can also be downloaded online.

Here is the step by step guide in securing the improved Postal ID

FIRST, you must complete the documents required for application

1. Two (2) copies of duly-accomplished Postal ID application form 
2. Proof of Identity such as Birth Certificate issued by NSO or Local Civil Registry.  For married female a pplicants, a copy of marriage certificate is also required to validate change of name from birth records.

If in any case you have no Birth Certificate, you may submit ANY TWO (2) of the following documents, at least one of which should bear your photo and signature:

•Baptismal Certificate 
•Certificate of Birth 
•College or Post-Graduate Transcript of Records 
•Confirmation Certificate 
•Elementary or High School Form 137 
•Marriage Certificate
•Valid Alumni ID 
•Valid College, School or University ID 
•Valid Company ID 
•Valid Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID
•Valid NBI Clearance 
•Valid OWWA ID 
•Valid Pag-Ibig ID 
•Valid PhilHealth ID 
•Valid PRC ID 
•Valid Paper-based Postal ID 
•Valid Police Clearance 
•Valid Seaman’s Book
•Valid Senior Citizen ID 
•Valid Tax Identification Number Card 
•Valid Voter’s ID

3. Proof of Address - together with the application form and proof of identity, you must submit any one (1) of the following:

 •Barangay Certificate of Residency – issued within three (3) months prior to PID application
•Certification or statement of account from hotel, transient home or any temporary residence within three (3) months prior to   application
•Notarized, if applicable, Land, House or Condominium Lease Contract
•Bank statement
•Credit card statement
•School billing stateme
•Utility bill (cable, electric, internet, landline, telephone, water)

SECOND, After you have completed filling out the forms and required documents, you may submit them  to any post office for screening and payment. Applicant will only pay a fixed fee of PHP504.00 for the postal ID (inclusive of delivery fee and tax).  Your submitted documents will be screened and if it passed the approval process,  you will head to ID capture station to be photographed and fingerprinted. 
THIRD, expect to receive your Improved Postal ID delivered by PhlPost mail carrier directly at your registered address on the following schedules:
• In Metro Manila - Approximately fifteen (15) working days from application
• Other major cities and municipalities – Approximately twenty (20) working days
• Island provinces and remote barangays - Approximately thirty (30) working days

Aside from being a primary card, the improved postal ID is also a privilege card that provides discounts and freebies from partner establishments. Holders of Postal ID cards can enjoy various privileges while dining at restaurants, staying at hotels or resorts, visiting theme parks, shopping for appliances and other products, or availing services in salons, spas, clinics, fitness centers, training schools, etc. For the complete list of merchant-partners, visit the PhlPost website.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Family Staycation at Hotel H2O Manila

**Post Exchange 17-03**

It was Oppa C's birthday so even if we had a depressing start of month, I decided not to spoil his day by giving him a surprise birthday treat.  I just got out from the hospital and there was no way we can stroll around.  Our only option was to celebrate at home or have a staycation.  It would surely be a tiresome day to celebrate at home since we need to prepare food and everything so I searched for an affordable staycation in hotel booking sites.  As the day I was eyeing was already too near, the hotels I searched for were either fully booked or too costly.

I tried searching for accommodations at deals sites and I was lucky to find a Metrodeal offer for Hotel H2O with free lunch at Liquid Buffet and free pass to Yexel's Toy Museum at Manila Ocean Park (MOP).  READ MORE >>

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Make Brushing More Fun with Minions!

Howdy everyone! Summer is almost over and I am pretty sure you had fun enjoying the sea, sand and sun.  As for me, my family spent it minus the beach escapade but we still made sure to spend good times together through movie watching, road tripping and even as simple as family mealtimes. Mealtimes and all things that comes after that including washing dishes and brushing teeth :-D.   You might can you make brushing more fun for the family? 

For us, having Colgate as our family's trusted brand for oral health care and funny characters from blockbuster movie Minions is a surefire fun brushing time.  The Colgate Minions toothbrush and Minions toothpaste tandem bring delight each time we brush especially when my little girl recalls funny clips from the is like story-telling time while brushing.  Also, the Colgate toothpaste is a clinically proven protection against cavities with cool mint fruity taste that kids and adults will surely like.        

Kids will definitely love having those cute Minions toothbrush. It has ultra soft bristles for effective and gentle cleaning and small head for easy access to child's mouth.  At the bottom tip is a suction cup for easy and fun upright storage.

My little daughter always look forward to brushing teeth after meals with her Colgate Minions toothbrush and toothpaste.

Her sweet smile just make our brushing time more fun!

You can get the Colgate Minions Kids 2-5 Years Old (Junior) Oral Care Pack:

Colgate Minions Kids 5-9 Years Old (Youth) Oral Care Pack:

Surprise your little ones with Colgate Minions toothpaste and toothbrush.and have fun brushing with your kids!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hotel Review: Winford Hotel and Casino

**Post Exchange 17-02**

Hotel Name: Winford Hotel and Casino
Location: 352 Zone 35, Sta. Cruz,, 1800 Consuelo St, 1014 Metro Manila
Contact No.: 63(2) 528 3600

Booking Details:
I booked this hotel two weeks prior to our intended stay through Agoda.  I just wanted to have some relaxed time with my family after the Lenten break.  As we all know, hotels tend to be packed with visitors during the Holy Week thus I decided to have an after Lent stay. This hotel is just across an SM Mall so everything our family need will just be within easy access.  Good thing that there was a discount promo when I booked thus I got the two double deluxe rooms for just more than PHP 6,000.00 which is a good deal since breakfast for four is already included Read More >>

Friday, May 5, 2017

Thoughts of a Sad Soul

This piece was originally written dated July 1, 2007 with original title "My Own Piece of Sadness".  Reaching almost ten years, I guess the wheel of life had took its turn once again and I am at the lowest point at this time.  Not yet ready to share the experience though.  Maybe in due time...but as of now, I need to find a way to cope with it. 


There are so many words to describe an emotion when you face an untoward incident like a member of your family become sick one after the other, you are pressured at work, you have issues at home, you have debts to pay or in a deep financial burden, a relative died, your sibling suffered from fire accident and so on.  If you happen to undergo this doom all at the same time, how would you react?

Whew, life can be so downright depressing sometimes or most of the times that one would wonder “Why do I have to be so unlucky?”  UNLUCKY or unfortunate events, whatever one calls it are like uninvited visitors in one’s life.  No person in his right frame of mind would wish for these unwanted guests for sure. So irritating or exasperating that you cannot just let them simply disappear.  You have to endure them for as long as they are there, you need to learn how to cope or to try your best how to outsmart and to overpower them.  What a huge relief if you survive their annoying presence without suffering too much hostility. Those things brought by inauspicious chances seem to be my lot nowadays and I just do not know and understand WHY.  Could it be that I’ve been too slack in my spiritual responsibility, or I’ve been bad (unwittingly) to people (i.e. because others tend to perceive me as such for being somewhat too distant, sometimes moody and other times panicky depending on the situation I was in), or there are just mean people who wish to see one person suffer (which I want to think otherwise), or simply because life is like that?

In going through all these problems I think I already given my self enough moment to grieve, enough time to complain, enough ways to plan and enough reason to make myself believe that the stroke of bad luck shall pass but I miss my time to pray to GOD.  I feel sorry for being too proud, for believing that I could overcome these things after some time.    

“When it rains, it pours”, so they say.  When it comprises of good things I know I have to seize the opportunity to go out, fill a bucket or two and enjoy the rain, but if it consists of misfortunes I shall instinctively use an umbrella to take cover.  But I know there were also times when my umbrella could be blown away by gusty winds leaving me dripping wet. I learn that if that happens I must pray to GOD for the rain to stop for only HE has the power to make it happen.

Philippians 4:13  “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”

Friday, April 14, 2017

Overall Health Improvement with Nutri10 Plus and Dayzinc Syrup

One of the challenges that every parent encounter is how to provide the best nutrition to our children.  It becomes more challenging when our kid is a picker eater.  No matter how delicious and nutritious are the foods which we serve them, kids will always find a way to give us excuses not to eat them.  So what we usually do is ask for advise from our pediatrician or even other moms on what to do.  The usual solution that you will get is to provide vitamin supplement to your child so he/she will meet the required daily nutrition his/her body needs.  

My youngest daughter is a picky eater so the pediatrician prescribed vitamin supplements for her.  As the brand was recommended by the doctor, I gave it to her even if she really disliked the taste.  Middle of January this year when I noticed that she lost appetite and after that were series of visits to the doctor.  Aside from the cold weather that caused her asthma and/or cough and colds (which really affected her taste), she no longer wants to take her vitamins.  Even after she got well from her sickness, she resisted each time I tried to give her vitamins.  I decided to find another brand that would suit her taste, with an affordable price and most importantly, an effective supplement. Luckily, Wert Philippines provided us some trial packs of Nutri10 Plus and Dayzinc Syrup.  

These vitamin supplements are manufactured and distributed by Wert Philippines.  For Nutri10 Plus, I gave her the recommended dose of 2.5 mL (1-9 years old) and also 2.5 mL of Dayzinc (2-6 years old) .  Per 5mL, Nutri10 Plus contains the following: 100 mg Chlorella growth factor (CGF) , 25 mg taurine, 300 mg lysine, vit A palmitate (equiv to 420 RE) 764 IU, vit D3 (cholecalciferol) (equiv to 5.25 mcg) 210 IU, vit E acetate (equiv to 9 mg-TE) 13.5 IU, vit B1 (thiamine HCl) 1 mg, vit B2 (riboflavin) 1 mg, vit B3 (niacinamide) 15 mg, vit B6 (pyridoxine HCl) 1.3 mg, vit B12 (cyanocobalamin)  2.4 mcg, vit C (ascorbic acid) 60 mg, elemental Zn (as Zn sulfate) 6.8 mg. As for the Dayzinc, each 5 mL contains equivalent of 50 mg of Ascorbic Acid and 10 mg of elemental zinc as stated in its nutrition information.  

After more than three weeks of taking Nutri10 Plus and Dayzinc, I think I finally found the right vitamin supplements for my choosy daughter.   She liked the ponkan flavor of Nutri10 Plus and Dayzinc syrup and most importantly, I noticed a big difference in my child's appetite.  My four-year old kid seems to have improved taste for nutritious foods as she now eats variety of foods consisting of fish, pork, chicken, seafoods including fruits and vegetables. Mealtimes are less of a struggle these days especially if her favorite foods are served like soups (mushroom soup, crab and corn soup, sinigang and chicken sopas are her favorite dishes). She is also very excited during lunch as it is the time for taking her vitamins.  Her resistance to illness has improved as she is not having asthma attacks or cough/colds despite the very hot weather the past days (though it is stated in its packaging that it has no approved therapeutic claims).  But, what is important for me is that she now eats variety of healthy foods that will provide her all the necessary natural vitamins and minerals that her body needs to keep her strong and healthy.

I am thankful to have tried the Nutri10 Plus and Dayzinc syrup as it really improved my kid's appetite.  She has stronger immunity to diseases and better overall health. That means less worries for me and the whole family.  

Nutri 10 plus and Dayzinc are available at Mercury Drugstores nationwide.
Price per bottle are as follows:
Nutri 10 drops 30ml - 125 pesos
Nutri 10 Plus 120ml syrup – 180 pesos
Nutri 10 Plus 250ml syrup – 310 pesos

Dayzinc drops 30ml – 110 pesos
Dayzinc syrup 120ml – 125 pesos
Dayzonc syrup 250ml – 240 pesos

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

blessed is he who reads...

Reposted...just some reflections for the Holy Week...

Got quite overwhelmed by the voluminous work and readings I had to deal with. Sometimes I feel more like "frazzing", got this word from TIME magazine’s article which means "frantic, ineffective multitasking, typically with the delusion that you are getting a lot done. The quality of the work, however, is poor". Grace under pressure…:-) whatever… still need to get going and BE HAPPY!!!

In the month of January I became a book geek, I was flooded by reading materials which were more than I could handle. How do you expect to read more than a thousand pages and understand and appreciate the content of it especially if you know that you are getting pressured just merely looking at the thickness of it? Well, really need to read them because those were really essential matter (work-related, what else)!

I am not a bookworm actually I read only when it is necessary, and I only read those books that will not take so much of my time. I remember those times when friends would lend me their bestsellers, I would start a chapter or two then jump to the end of the story. But, I am really impressed with people who love to read thick paperbacks and find them really admiring (how I wish I was gifted with the same patience). I remember one time when I shared an elevator ride with Sen. Enrile (he had an office at the same building as ours, some years ago) he was holding a book, actually he was not only holding it, he was reading it (I guess that is just how great minds came to be). I asked myself “would there be a time in my life when I also need to do that, reading while on the go, even in the elevator?” I think this is it, with all those RAs, PDs, SRS, FS, S&P etc. that I need to be aware of, I really need to find time to read wherever and whatever situation I am in, and I guess my habit of skip reading would not do, have to read every pages of them. If that does not qualify me to be a bookworm, I don’t know the meaning of the word anymore! My friend was teasing me when she saw me reading saying that it doesn’t look more like me, I guess I have to accept the fact that it already becomes my destiny.

Gosh, never thought I could muster enough time to read but I was able to snatch some from my precious moment to have an interesting read, too. I was able to take a peek at “The Food Bible”, the one I started reading last October. Actually, I read it in random, i.e. whatever topic that interests me. BTW, I really bought this book because middle of last year, I was alarmed that whenever I wake up in the morning I always have this puffy eyes which I suspected that it was something connected to my eating habits or the foods that I eat. To my surprise, the doctor that I visited could not give me concrete explanation, or at least refer me to a specialist who could give me the answer to my problem as to why I was experiencing such abnormal occurrence dropping the topic as something trivial which the doctor only said that I could have cried the previous night that’s why I woke up with puffy eyes. I could have advised her to change career and be a soothsayer instead :-) .

Buying this book was worthy indeed because I have learned that there really was a connection between my eating habits and puffy eyes and I was able to go to a specialist and correct the problem before anything gets out of hand. Another reason that I bought this book was because I really wanted to gain weight (just one of my new year’s resolutions). I was this thin girl all my life, so for a change I decided that I want to gain weight this year. Surprisingly I was able to do it with success. From a very thin 87 lbs frame I gained almost 20 lbs in eight weeks. I also followed a food regimen that’s written under the “food for weight control” section of the book. Of course I got to follow a healthy eating diet because I do not want to end up too tubby for my hubby. I just need to attain an ideal weight, keep diseases at bay and make this thin thing a part of the past. I intend to buy some more of this book to be given to those people who I think will need it.

Going back to reading, the reading marathon carried on until this month, that is one of the problems when you’re not getting any younger and you have to cope into a corporate world, so much is expected of you and you need to know an array of different ideas or else expect yourself to lag behind those people who knows more, I observe that missed opportunities happen because of not having sufficient knowledge. However, there were downside effects for those times that I need to spend with work (reading), I missed some opportunities and lost social interaction, missed two or three occasions with friends, failed to make it to family gatherings, broken promises with colleagues which I really feel guilty and apologetic 😍 SORRY GUYS, hope to make up to all of you next time.

I still got a lot of reading to do, but somehow, I have this guilt feeling that compared to the amount of time I spent with those technical writings, republic acts and so on which were essential for career advancement I overlooked reading the gospel which is far more essential for life improvement. So while I was writing this blog, I stopped for a while, looked for a passage in the bible that tells about the “significance” of reading trying to look for justification in what I was doing. At the book of Revelation I found “Blessed is he who reads…”which sparked a striking notion of myself as being “blessed” as everyone else who has this penchant [either as innate or only because of necessity] for reading. I said to myself, maybe it is right to conclude that with reading comes knowledge, with knowledge comes opportunities and with opportunities comes success and blessings but when I finished reading the passage I sensed that there was far deeper meaning in it than I thought.

"Blessed is he who reads aloud the words of the prophecy, and blessed are those who hear, and who keep what is written therein; for the time is near" (Revelation 1:3).

I hope that no matter how busy we are, whatever activities we are involve in right now, whether we love reading or not, we still have time to learn the gospel for it is far more important to life and it is one great reading with a promise. God Bless Us All!!!

Originally posted last 03 February 2006

Friday, March 31, 2017

Dispose those bill statements the proper way (Home Improvement Tip)

Lately I have been sorting through papers that I accumulated for years.  Those mostly were bill statement from credit cards, utilities, receipts and the like which I intentionally set aside for safekeeping and reference.  Also, since I sometimes have this guilt feeling if I throw paper incessantly, I just tossed most of my papers inside boxes until I find a good way of how to reduce, reuse and recycle them.  That became some sort of a habit but it seems like my plan of recycling had also been tossed inside those boxes for many years. 

Now what do I do with those loads of paper?  Even if I have a sagacious intention to hoard all of what I accumulated that could have otherwise been thrown away, I cannot anymore stand the clutter.  What a relief if I could construct a sturdy beautiful house out of those papers and make them as a living space. :-)

The goal is to find a way on how I could get rid of those papers without self-reproach.  Burning the papers or using them for charcoal is an unwise option of course, lest I produce additional carbon emission.  I can’t re-use them either since there were print on both sides already and I also cannot sell them because there were personal information in it.  I have learned to be cautious nowadays when it comes to private document due to the growing incidence of identity theft and information stealing.

Now I got an additional goal of getting rid of those papers while protecting my confidential information from getting into the hands of people with wicked intention.  The only alternative I could think of was to tear them to pieces. Using scissors to do the job would be fine but that would take me a lot of time to finish so I was down to the option of shredding them.

After picking the better option on how I could reduce my paper garbage, I need to scout for a reliable paper shredder so I head out to the mall eager to find that one helpful gadget.  Paper shredder varies in sizes and purpose but since I only have kilos of paper and not tons of them I only need something small for personal use.  Electronic types would be very convenient to have but they are more costly ranging in price from P800 (about $16)  to P3,500 ($70) and since I am into serious business of reducing not just my expenses but also my carbon footprint, I prefer the manual type shredder that only costs less than five hundred pesos ($5) and doesn’t need electricity to be utilized.   So here is what I got …..

When my kids saw the paper shredder, they thought it was something they can play with but when I explained what it does and what was the goal behind the purchase they immediately look for their paper trash inside their school bags and volunteered to do the shredding themselves.  The paper shredder is fine to be used by small kids because it doesn’t have sharp metal blades in it.  My five-year old daughter really had a lot of fun doing it herself.  Isn’t it nice that I also found an effective way to teach my kids on how to be responsible for their paper trash?

As I never get to use my manual shredder as it was borrowed by friends and never found its way back to me, 😁 later on I also bought this electric-powered paper shredder from the same retailer that was a little pricey than the previous one....
...but I guess it was not worth the purchase as this easily broke down. 😞 So I would rather use my reliable manual shredder than this one. Once we are through shredding all those paper, what should we do next to reuse and recycle them?

The story doesn’t end here

reposted from 11.11.10

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Earth Hour 2017

This is the 10th Year for Earth Hour and we feel delighted that Unsullied Perspective has been part of this movement since 2010. So what is Earth Hour?

"Earth Hour is a worldwide grassroots movement by WWF to unite people to take action for the planet. Engaging a massive mainstream community on a broad range of environmental issues, Earth Hour was famously started as a lights out event in Sydney, Australia in 2007. Since then it has grown to engage hundreds of millions of supporters, individuals and organizations alike, in more than 7000 cities and towns in over 175 countries and territories worldwide." 

Earth Hour 2017 will take place on Saturday 25 March, 8:30 p.m. local time. 
Let us join again in observing Earth Hour, let us all lend our voices. Together, we can make a difference to protect the earth for the future generation.  

To join this movement, please click here >>

We feel great receiving an email from WWF acknowledging our efforts for our participation in Earth Hour.  We wish to share them to encourage everyone to be part of this movement.

Here is the message:

It only means that...even in our small way, through collected efforts, we can do big changes. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Maynilad Wastewater Management Service: A Pro-Environment Initiative

Sharing my own learning:

My kids and I attended the Daloy Dunong Program of Maynilad thru the invitation of Nuffnang Philippines last February 4, 2017. Since the seminar has something to do with health and environment which is part of the advocacy of this blog and also because of a great parent-child bonding opportunity, I grabbed the chance to be present with my kids.

It was such an enriching experience that even my kids appreciated what they learn especially the plant tour at Veterans Village Water Reclamation Facility.  

From that Daloy Dunong Educational Tour, we learned of the following:

  1. Maynilad's commendable effort in ensuring that wastewater from our household will be treated and processed before it will be discharged to river, lake and sea to avoid polluting our bodies of water
  2. How wastewater is treated in the facility like the one we visited in Quezon City. A presentation on wastewater management was provided to us then we toured the plant where we witnessed the entire process 
  3. We found out that water treatment is such a complicated process.  We saw how sewage/filtrate/ septage turned to effluent and bio-solid using specialized machines at different stages.  Those terms! Thank goodness they have those samples for us to understand. 😊
  4. That some of Maynilad's customers are already connected to a sewerage system directly connected to a treatment facility while those who are not connected to sewer lines are provided with sanitation services at no extra cost to its customer.  
  5. That Maynilad has expansion programs and accelerating its wastewater management to cover 100% of its West Zone service by 2037.  That is good news for mother earth and also for our future generations as it only means that they would need more people to man these plants so better keep that in mind and think of possible career opportunities for the kids
  6. That it partners with other private and government entities to build more treatment plants and they encountered challenges acquiring lands where they will put up the plant
  7. That they conduct seminar and tours to inform its stakeholders on the importance of wastewater management like this Daloy Dunong Tour.

Here are more detailed information:

Where does our tap water come from?

"Water, water everywhere,  Nor any drop to drink" are famous lines from the poem "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" by an English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge published in 1798.  Those lines greatly imply the importance of having clean and safe water to drink.  Is it not a big relief that we are living in this millennium with clean potable water available right inside our household? Well, YES! Especially those areas serviced by Maynilad Water Services Inc. that composed parts of Manila, Quezon City, Makati, Caloocan, Pasay, Paranaque, Las Pinas, Muntinlupa, Valenzuela, Malabon and Navotas or the West Zone of the Greater Manila Area as well as parts of Cavite Province covering Cavite City, Bacoor, Imus, towns of Kawit, Noveleta and Rosario.  Maynilad sources its water supply from reserves in Angat and Ipo dams collected during rainy days. That same water is treated at the La Mesa Treatment Plant then goes to pumping stations for distribution directly to every household of Maynilad customers.   

An illustration on how Maynilad delivers potable water to every household

The water quality supplied by Maynilad is consistently monitored to ensure that it is safe for consumption as we use it in our daily routines such as cooking, washing, bathing and just about anything where we need that precious colorless liquid.  I was surprised when I learned from a close friend who is also a Maynilad customer that they use their tap water for drinking.  It only means that the water quality of Maynilad is safe.  

Illustration provided by Maynilad
Where does our wastewater go?

Maynilad customers consume about 35 gallons of water per person per day according to a study by the University of the Philippines.  About 80% of water we used or roughly 28 gallons turn into wastewater or  go down the drain that will later on reach our surrounding bodies of water. 

That wastewater if not properly treated prior to disposing to creeks,  lakes and rivers can pose health and environmental risks. Possible health risks if exposed to contaminated water include diarrhea, leptospirosis,  hepatitis A and many others.  On the other hand, its impact on the environment can manifest through  sudden destruction of large quantities of fish or fish kills and possible euthropication where excessive nutrients in our waterways can cause dense growth of plant life and and death of animal life.


The Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004

Maynilad ensures compliance to the Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004 where part of its provision states:

  • "To promote environmental strategies, use of appropriate economic instruments and of control mechanisms for the protection of water resources;" 
  • "To formulate a holistic national program of water quality management that recognizes that water quality management issues cannot be separated from concerns about water sources and ecological protection, water supply, public health and quality of life;"
Thus, Maynilad provides not only safe potable water but also sustainable water solution that includes Wastewater Management Service.  Maynilad's Wasterwater Management Service covers "sewerage" and "sanitation". 

For its sewerage service, Maynilad provides sewer service connection, maintenance/repair of sewer network, operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment facilities and also plan for sewer coverage expansion.  On the other hand, its sanitation service includes septic tank desludging or regular cleaning of septic tank, operation and maintenance of septage treatment plant, fleet maintenance and planning for sanitation coverage expansion.  Both for its sewerage and sanitation services, Maynilad ensures to attend to customer complaints. 

The septic tank cleaning or desludging services are offered by Maynilad at no extra cost but there are certain conditions that must be met.  

  1. The wastewater is of domestic quality (only residential and semi-business customers)
  2. Not been served in the last 5-7 years
  3. With updated Maynilad account
  4. Septic tank is accessible (ensure that you know where your septic tank is, you can check your house' as-built plan or consult with experts or plumber)

To request for septic tank cleaning service, you can call the Maynilad hotline at 1626 or through their Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

What are the benefits from wastewater management

  1. It protects the environment as waste water is treated before discharging to bodies of water to avoid water pollution.
  2. Sanitation and healthful conditions are sustained
  3. The whole family is safe from contaminated water 

What can we do to help in wastewater management?

1. Exercise proper solid waste management practices such as waste segregation and recycling, remember to reduce, reuse and recycle. 

2. Be mindful when you use the toilet. Never flush non-fibrous matter in the toilet bowl such as diaper, wipes, napkins and the like as these could cause trouble in the toilet and sewer pipelines.
3. Educate the people around you on how they can help in wastewater management and it starts by sharing this post with everyone you know. You can share by clicking any of the sharing buttons below. 

Here is a video on how our wastewater is treated by Maynilad:

Monday, February 6, 2017

Unsullied Perspective 2016 Year in Review

Looked like the year 2016 ended without too much activities in this blog with only four posts listed. But it did not mean that we hibernated for a year long. It was only like that because we needed to re-prioritize and re-arrange our plans.  We moved some of our articles on travel and fun activities in our new website at Mosey Butterfly.  We had to spend much time in the layout, design and concept of our website to provide our readers helpful information and travel tips. The main post contributor also had to dedicate some moments to complete the book which was at the proofreading stage that year.  We wished to publish it in 2016 but there were some challenges happened that prevented us to release the book. You can check out the preview of the book <<here>> and reserve your copy <<here>>.  We decided that as part of Unsullied Perspective's advocacy, part of the earnings from the book will be donated to our favorite charity institution.

Anyways, 2016 was a great year also as we were able to accomplish major personal plans such as house renovation and move-in. We will share with you our exciting experiences about that, too!  We did not miss on our yearly target of going to at least one new place for new adventures like what we had in the beautiful islands of Coron Palawan. Articles on our memorable experiences were posted at Mosey Butterfly.

From the four articles that we had here, we were able to share to you, our dear readers those flashback memories from 2015.  Then we provided you the 2016 financial calendar planner to help you in tracking your finances. As it was the election year, we also posted related articles on that. Literally "change had come"  in every aspect of politics and I guess even in the way that freedom of expression was exercised as it garnered a big influence on the outcome of the election.  Lucky for us that we live in a democratic country where we were given the right to express ourselves.  We also continued our helpline for SSS inquiries though we emphasized that what we were sharing were based on personal account and understanding of the SSS regulations. Our readers have all the freedom to ask directly from SSS about their concerns.

There goes our 2016 and we do hope that our 2017 will be more productive and exciting year. And I think it is not yet too late to have our new year's wish..

1. For Unsullied Perspective to reach more readers and may they find helpful articles in our blog.
2. To publish a best-selling book so we can donate more to charities.
3. To be able to take part in more campaigns and blogger events to inspire us to write meaningful articles.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hotel Review: Hotel 101 Manila

**Post Exchange 17-01**

Hotel Name: Hotel 101 Manila
Location: EDSA Extension, Mall of Asia Complex Pasay City, Philippines
Contact No.:+63(2)5531111

Booking Details:

December 27, 2016: My husband wished for another family bonding at a hotel like what we had last year at Dusit Thani. We decided to have the staycation on the first day of 2017 to mark new experiences for the family on new year. I really liked the idea of having it near Mall of Asia so we can roam around the mall. As the booking is just some days away from our preferred date, there were limited available rooms at hotels nearby MOA.  Hotel 101 is just some blocks away and it is a newly opened hotel so I decided to try this one out.  I checked with Agoda and lucky me that I got a flash deal that gave me discount on my booking. Read More>>