Saturday, August 22, 2015

How to Update your Comelec Registration to be Biometrics-Ready

I received a letter from the Commission on Elections (Comelec) informing me to update my registration details particularly my biometrics information.  I am an active voter since I first  registered when I reached legal age (don't ask...that was decades ago ha ha). But,  I did not bother to update my details when biometrics capturing was implemented at the time of electronic voting in 2010 since it was not required that time.  But Comelec is now updating its voters registration records and it includes biometrics information.  Also, you will not be able to vote in the 2016 election if your record is not biometrics ready according to Comelec.  Here is the announcement posted in the Comelec's website that I reposted here for information.

"Mandatory Biometric Capture

Now, by virtue of Republic Act No. 10367, all voter registration records are mandated to have biometrics information. All new applications already require the mandatory capture of the applicants' biometrics using the COMELEC's Voter Registration Machine (VRM), which utilizes a digital camera, a fingerprint scanner and a signature pad.

Due to this new law, which was signed by Pres. Benigno Aquino III last 15 February 2013,  all previously registered voters without biometrics are required to subject themselves to biometrics capture through the validation procedure. Failure to do so before 31 October 2015 would cause COMELEC to deactivate the concerned registration records resulting to the non-allowing to vote in May 2016 of the affected voters."
I was hesitant to visit the Comelec's satellite office thinking that it would be a long and difficult process.  Had it not been one of my child's school entrance requirements where enrollees are required to submit the parent's certification of voting records, I guess I would still postpone my visit at a later date.

Anyway, I was surprised that it only took me less than an hour to do my transactions in Comelec.  When I get to my assigned registration office, I was asked by their staff of my purpose and told them about the letter I received and my request for a copy of certification.

First I was invited to get in the office and I was asked about my personal details so the staff could search for my records thru their computer terminal.  After that my photo was taken and then my left and right thumbprint were captured thru a fingerscanner.  I was also asked to sign on a signature pad to complete my biometrics info.  Voila! Everything was done in less than ten minutes.  Now I am assured that I will not be denied of my right to vote since I already had my records biometrics-ready.

Next I was instructed to wait outside for my name to be called while my request for certification was being processed.  After only about five minutes, I was told to photocopy a page from the Book of Voters of the last election bearing my name and signature that served as proof that I voted.  After that, I returned the voter's list with the photocopy.  I waited around a minute and when I was called,  paid P75.00 for the release of the Certification of Voting Record. It was that fast and simple.

Friday, August 7, 2015

How to File Online for an SSS Salary Loan Application

SSS provides loan facility to its qualified members and one of these loan offers is the salary loan.  As an added service to SSS online users, a member can file their salary loan application thru the SSS website.  To be able to use this service, you need to log in to your SSS account, if you are not yet registered as an online member, go to SSS website and fill out the Online User ID Registration.  Click here to learn how to register online.

The good thing with the online salary application form is it is more simplified than filling out the paper-based SSS application for salary loan form.  You also save time in going to the SSS branch just to submit your documents.  Also, by using the online application you will be informed right away if you are entitled to this benefit based on your monthly contribution.  Read on to know the four simple steps to do in applying for SSS salary loan.

1. After successfully logging in to your account, navigate to the E-SERVICES menu then click the APPLY FOR SALARY  LOAN link. 
2. You need to fill out an online form that requests for required information such as loanable amount which you can select from the drop-down box (that is system-generated/computed amount), mailing address and postal code and tick the I agree to the terms and conditions. 

3. After you filled out the required fields, the site will require you to confirm your submission, just press the OK button to continue and just wait for the email confirmation from SSS.

4. So after you have successfully submitted your application online, you will receive an email message of  your Salary Loan Confirmation  informing you of your successful submission with transaction number.   

5. After two to three days, you can check online as regards the status of your application.  Navigate to the E-SERVICES - INQUIRY menu then  select LOANS - LOAN STATUS/LOAN INFO menu.  The "Check Generated" status will appear under the Loan Information Details which means that your check  or a registered mail is about to be delivered to you. 

Recently when I tried this online loan application, the check was not delivered to my address.  Instead, I received a registered mail to claim my check at the post office after around three weeks of waiting.  Anyways, so long as I have the check, the wait is just worth it.