Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How I Spent My Very First Nuffnang Cash Out

Here’s another of my Nuffnang story worth sharing. In one of my posts I wrote that there were two things which I have not experienced yet, attending a Nuffnang Blog Award and receiving that Nuffnang paycheck. 
Then sometime in March, I gladly reported that I have reached another blog milestone when I had the chance to cash out my very first Nuffnang earnings.  I also told you how excited I was to receiving that memorable paycheck that I will gladly write about on how I will save or spend the money. 

I am thankful and too happy to receive my earnings through a direct deposit on my nominated account last May.  It was a hassle-free payout process that is why I am too thankful to Nuffnang that they made it easier for bloggers that made the waiting time so worth it.  Bloggers have options to get their paycheck by picking it up at the Nuffnang office or have it deposited at the blogger’s account.  Since it was more convenient for me, I requested for a direct deposit option.  They sent an email informing me of the deposit they made to the account. 

The total amount deposited was net of the 15% tax deducted from my cash out.  At least I don’t need to worry about paying the taxes due as it was already withheld by Nuffnang.  So where did my Nuffnang cash out went?  Here is the breakdown…
15% was paid to the BIR (government tax)
25% treat for the family
15% paid to myself which I can freely spend for whatever I want (a nice haircut maybe)
10% for donation
20% invested to grow a part of my earnings
15% allotted for my blog’s monthly fun treat (giving back to my readers)

Now I am more motivated to earn from blogging and who knows, I could be marching to the Nuffnang Blog Awards sometime soon.  **fingers crossed**

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