Saturday, May 2, 2015

Plans for the Month of May 2015

The month of May arrived so fast that we seemed to never experience the thrills of summer in April like a beach getaway perhaps (except for the too hot and humid weather that everyone else was complaining about). Guess we have a lot of catching up to do to make our summer 2015 memorable before it becomes over.

 April was the graduation month so our activities revolved around attending thanksgiving parties thrown out by proud parents. Our April weekends were spent like it never happened at all Ha!Ha!

I wish to make this month of May as memorable for the whole family as possible. Here are my wish list...

 1. Beach vacation. As it is hard to find a great place to spend summertime without careful planning, we really need to spend time researching for a great beach that fits our budget where our family will stay. First thing is to decide for the perfect location. As travel enthusiasts, it's always in our wishlist to visit a new place each year whether here or abroad. We had the chance to visit Dumaguete last year and for this year we wanted to go North of the country. In one of the tourist spot in Tarlac, Pangasinan or Ilocos probably. A weekend beach vacation will surely do us good to recharge ourselves.

Pinned photo from a website I stumbled upon
 2. Kitchen Makeover. This is one of the family's pending project since the last quarter of 2014. It was because we needed to prioritize and give more time and attention to my kids' school activities. This vacation month is a perfect time to do that I guess. (**fingers crossed**). Since our kitchen lacks all the bare essentials of a functioning kitchen, it will surely be a challenging task.  Browsed through images of kitchen design ideas and pinned a photo that caught my attention.  I wish to start this kitchen project this May hoping that my time and budget would allow it.  Anyone who would like to sponsor our kitchen makeover project are welcome. :-) It will surely be a great endevour to work on something and share with our readers the before and after photos of the kitchen.

3. May Fun Treat. Continue our monthly gift giving activities. To all those who still has not claimed their prize, email us at

4.Celebrate Moms Day. On 10th of May, I plan to have a memorable bonding moment with my mom and my mom-in-law to celebrate that special day. Time to give back to the very special women who molded me to be who I am.  Of course I need to hunt for a mom worthy gift for these two great women in my life  or scheme a plan on how to celebrate that day...a special date at a fine restaurant or a beauty pampering  at a saloon, maybe.

 There goes our plans for May, we will share with you our travel experiences and all celebration here. For the moment, let us get busy with the Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight. This is one for the pages of history that we do not want to miss!T

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