Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Message To All Moms In My Life

My Friday started in a disappointing state when I watched the morning news in ABS-CBN showing a video footage of a mother heartlessly beating up her baby.  That was also the same video circulating around the net that had me thinking on why a mother would beat a helpless child just like that.  I couldn’t be too judgmental about why the woman did such a ruthless act but I really feel too unhappy and upset to see the baby’s plight on the hands of his/her own mother.  On the way to work, I found that image too hard to erase from my mind.  Thank goodness that when I reached the office, I was greeted with a single-stemmed rose on my table that instantly transformed my day.  It was an early mother’s day gift from my friend Cai.  To show my appreciation, I gave her a quick hug and said “thank you kumare”.  Hey Cai, I want you to know that your single act of kindness touched my weary heart and lifted my mood that morning.  (*o*) And with that I want the world to know how grateful I am to have met all these wonderful mothers in my life...Happy, Happy Mothers’ Day!!!

This one's for you my dear friend...

Here is for my adopted mothers, my mom-in-law, for my friends who are also moms and moms at heart and to all those who played mom to my kids... (*o*)

And to our "ilaw ng tahanan", my mommy.... 

To all  you MOMS....Have a great day!!!