Friday, October 1, 2010

Photography: Glimpse at the Rare Three Suns

For the last three weeks, I spent most of the times at home looking after my sick children. Worrisome days indeed... but then it was also one of those days that made me appreciate special things that I oftentimes overlook such as this...

It was one lazy Monday afternoon, the sun bidding farewell to another tiring and sad day then suddenly the atmosphere changed its appearance to an overcast weather, which made me feel all the more sad ...

then I noticed that the other side of the horizon was sunny while at the other side was rainy, had few experiences of them before but never had the chance to capture them on pictures thus I really never let this one passed by.

minutes later... there was heavy downpour... as if heaven felt the sadness that I was feeling that day.

And some minutes more, the rain stopped and revealed another rare moment... as if there were three suns brightly painted above the eastern sky, sure it was only a reflection of the setting sun from the west. Nature really has its own way of showing its unique beauty. Took off my sadness and worries that day. Three suns, three shining glory, an infinite possibility of hope.

(pictures were taken on 9/27/2010 using a point and shoot camera, how I wished I captured them more clearly)


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    Your photos are really great!