Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trash To Cash and Some TLC for the Garden

I commit to change with an earth-friendly advocacy:

(1) Don't forget to water the plants every morning (they also need a lot of tender love and care)

(2) #1 and clean the garden (do this more often!!! who wants to live in a filthy space?)

(3) # 1 and buy additional pots and soil (the family is getting bigger)

(4) #1 and take out the weeds and put additional soil to potted plants (they need nutrients too.)

(5) # 1 and gather old bill statements and shred them (yes, got lots of them again after months of hoarding.)

(6) #1 and add the shredded paper to compost (add but don't put too much on a pot)

(7) # 1 and prune the roses and other plants (they also need some makeover just like you)

(8) # 1 and re-pot cuttings and seedlings in stock (give the family some more company)

(9) # 1 and gather used batteries to be brought to recycling market. (lots of them around the house, need to dispose of them properly)

(10) # 1 and gather used paper to be brought to recycling market (ohh, the kids really create a heap of paper trash each day, got to teach, teach, teach them how to recycle.)

(11) # 1 and gather old broken appliances to be brought to recycling market. (i need space so better gather them and exchange trash to cash)

(12) # 1 and bring the plants I promised to give to friends (already distributed some, to those who asked but haven't received their cuttings yet, i will bring them soon!)

(13) Go to Manila Seedling Plant with family and mommy, been holding off this plan for the last 4 months (already put this in my calendar and will be visiting soon)

(14) Join the Adopt a Tree Project for the rehabilitation of the La Mesa Watershed (been saving for this)

Keeping and living it all by heart.

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