Saturday, July 17, 2010

Multivitamins Plus Cardio-Vascular Workout Equals Less Afternoon Dilemma


"It is time to get up the time is four thirty. It is time to get up the time is four thirty", I was already half awake when the cellular phone triggered the alarm, my body's internal clock could have been competing with this gadget that I am back to my conscious mind even before the phone's alarm set off. I had to give in to fifteen more minutes of lounge like my bed was dragging me back to sleep before I totally induce myself to wake up. It looks like time was ticking as fast as how we do our morning chores and it helps that I feel a sudden flow of energy to complete the task at hand. I stare occasionally at the wall clock as I also need to prepare myself for work, beat the morning rush hour to get to the office at eight o’clock. Just like any other weekdays, getting up early to prepare the kids for school and myself for work has already become our morning ritual.

At mid-morning, my energy gets less stabilized as I can’t seem to wait too long for break time. It would be tough luck if I made it through lunch break without that tired feeling. Oh how I love weekends and school vacation since I can slumber in bed a little later and feel relaxed and invigorated all throughout the day.


In my college years I could spend the nights doing assignments or case studies and maintain a stable energy for school the next day. When I had my first born, I could stay awake at night and still find the resistance to take care of the baby during the day (though of course with some help from beloved relatives at home for me to afford much needed rest) . Though it was hard to match a baby's changing sleeping patterns, I made it through all those difficult times. As life becomes more challenging understandably it lessened time for self and that includes hours of sleep. Years have gone by thus adding numbers to my age, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol count that changes the way I deal with important matters in life.


HAPONTUKIN, BAD!!! The first time I saw that on TV, I could very well relate to the commercial ad but I fail to connect the importance of the ENERVON MULTIVITAMINS. It could be the result of sleep deprivation that I became too slow on picking up the message. LOL!! Sure I have those “hapontukin” moments and those are days when power nap during noon break is not sufficient to charge me up for the rest of the day. My kind of job makes me fall prey to unavoidable afternoon sleeping trap because around the time when I get too absorbed in my program codes analyzing and thinking the logic for an if-then-else statement, all the more I became entangled in a miserly heavy-eyed state. Ho-hum, and the more I stare at my PC monitor, the more I seem to get hypnotized into dream world. On those “hapontukin” days when yawning becomes so persistent that I just want to doze off, how I wish that the computer table be replaced with a comfortable bed, the computer monitor into soft pillows or the keyboard turned into a blanket.


Before, I used to drink coffee when an afternoon lull strikes and it gave me a quick bright lift to last me for the rest of the day. However, just months ago, I experienced heart palpitation then I suffered from hypertension that I was advised by the doctor to go easy on salty foods, to exercise and to refrain from drinking caffeinated drinks. Good grief, so how do I manage whenever sleep is chasing me at work in broad daylight? Of course, I need to follow the doctor’s advice as I do not want to put myself in peril and at the same time I cannot risk being caught in the act of sleeping on the job or just endure the miserable state of controlling drowsiness. So I changed method in dealing with this afternoon dilemma. Now when HAPONTUKIN sets in, I usually hit the stairs. “HIT THE STAIRS”, you read that right but not to roll down and bang my sleepy head. :-)

I got that idea from a best chief and one of my dear friends in the office. She knows how my kind of job put me into a sedentary lifestyle, and how those periods when only my brain, my eyes and my fingers were active makes me more lethargic. One time she fetched me from my workplace and invited me to go to the canteen but not to have snacks but to stretch our stiffened muscles without having to do calisthenics. Instead of taking the elevator, we went down through the staircase from the fifth floor to the ground. From then on I adopted her method of hitting the stairs which is an ideal cardio-vascular workout enough to help my blood circulating and most importantly, a perfect style to avoid “hapontukin” moments without distracting my co-workers.

Of course, I also need backup to ensure that I not only elude sleep but I have the energy to last for some more hours at work and when I get home. In my case since I am almost food deprived as most of the foods that I like are included in the "cut on these" category because of my condition and aside from that, I also very seldom get to have a balanced diet, the doctor advised me to have vitamin supplements on top of a "hearty" meal. The physical activity from my everyday chores and stressful activities at home and at work makes me use and lose more nutrients, and that's when ample vitamin intake is very essential. ENERVON MULTIVITAMINS, "More Energy, Mas Happy". “STEADI-ENERGY, GOOD!!!! Now I get the point.

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  1. Nice, got to try to take the stairs next time.