Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day Mommy

It’s mother's day again, i was thinking how to celebrate it with you. An answer came from my email's inbox, it was from Nuffnang about Johnson & Johnson’s “Baby your Mom” contest.  Why not? I haven't done that before as it never really crossed my mind.  You see even if I am already a mother myself, you are still positioned in my heart and mind in the same high pedestal where I put you some years ago.  The one who gave more than a world's worth just for us, your children. That is how I see you then and that's how I look up to you until now.  But wait, I was late for the contest as it is past their deadline of May 7 before midnight so I guess I will just borrow their idea. :-P
Those thoughts of treating you like a baby brought back happy memories of my childhood. Do you still remember how my face lit up at the sight of you whenever you arrive from work? I know you were aware how i looked forward to each dinner time as you always see to it that we were all together at the table and that's when we find time to share enriching conversation about our day's experience.  Did you feel the comfort I felt with each kiss and hug that you bestowed me?  Did you see the smile on my face whenever you make things possible that I thought impossible? Our weekly stroll in the then famed downtown of Avenida Rizal or our leisure getaway to the park or fine dining at a restaurant that I wished it was always weekend just to have more time with you somehow did the trick to make up for all the lost time we were supposed to spend together. The surprise gifts and sumptuous meal you prepared to make each occasions we shared truly memorable.  Yes, those simple gestures and priceless moments summarized everything on how I enjoyed my life with you as your precious little baby. 

Now it is time for me to return all those privileges to you. I know that years have taken the vigor and vitality in you, your hands and feet might be trembling now or your vision might have diminished a little. You might have forgotten some of our precious moments together so I intend to be your hands, feet and eyes to relive those moments with you.  I know how you appreciate each day that I fetch you in the same manner that you brought happiness to me on rare occasion that you find time off from work to fetch me or accompany me in school.  But I think I need to match your interest in going to the mall each time you feel like it and not let you hang around solo in the same way you accompanied me in all those leisure walks that we had when I was little.  So I promise to put an extra effort and time for that. And wait, we shouldn't miss a dinner together in a fine-dining restaurant although I know you wouldn't agree with this because you still look after me not to spend money so lavishly. But don't worry mom, you have taught me well.  And besides, it is just alright to spend for someone as precious as you are. I know how you missed us so dearly, though you have accepted the fact that time will come when it would be just you and dad together after we all got married.  I shall make you feel those moments of togetherness as similar as how we get together on a weekend only this time it gets happier with all your grandchildren.
And I shall not forget to thank you for all the years that you shared with me, with my siblings, with dad and also for sharing the love with my husband and my children.  I love you Mom and Happy Mother’s Day!

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