Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thankful for These...

Hi everyone! Missed writing here, I had very busy days at work and had been too stressed out the past two weeks that is why I had no time to do this writing stuff. But finally, I found some peace and quiet time for myself for now, THANK GOODNESS! Just took a week-long leave from work which I feel I really deserve so I am back writing (a big thanks to my kind boss). The last post I did Just Some Happy Thoughts was a repost because aside from my busy schedule at work, I just had this urge to make some reassessment of all things happening in my life at that moment and like what I said, to see if I accomplished anything that I wrote in my plans I wish to get done, so let me start off with this one….

“Continue to be thankful for all the treasures that I possess (those I mentioned above and all the beautiful things that will come my way)”

I used to always wish and wait for great things that I feel I am worthy of and most of the times I forget about the simplest of things that I should be thankful for. Now that I gained more maturity, I have learned how to be grateful for all blessings that I have may it be too simple as a smile from my precious little daughter. I also get to be thankful for meeting a bunch of good people and for gaining more knowledge from them thus I have written a simple poem which I would like to share with everyone.

I am thankful that I was able to see
The beauty of life that was shown to me
I met new people explored various places
shared laughter and unexpected graces

Thanks for the unfeigned concern and compassion
For true self shown without hesitation
For novel friendship that blooms out of the blue
And collective thought that's forever true

Thanks for the chances that were given to me
For all those sights I was able to see
Those breath-taking experiences that unfold
Remarkable stories that were told

To all those people I worked with over the phone
With very lowly voice and courteous tone
Thought we've not seen each other face to face
We became acquainted, there's a trace

To all those people I only know by name
With whom I swapped letters roughly each day
Each common task we accomplished together
Brought relief or achievement, if ever

Thanks for the friendship that developed out of it
Genuine support and respect was a gift
will we see each other? I never know
Stil i hope good relations will grow

For long lasting memories beyond pleasure
For people and places that I will treasure
To all those moments particularly blissful
With all these, I will forever be grateful.
(c) A. Gonzales

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