Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grateful for the Rain in Summer

It was four o’clock in the afternoon, moderate northeasterly wind was blowing relentlessly. Cloud was overcast that suggest it was going to rain. There were studies that say that an overcast weather brings on a seasonal affective disorder for some people making them somewhat depressed but for me it really made me very happy. It’s been weeks that I was always wishing for this kind of cloud formation for the cloud seeding operation or for real rain to water the withering farmlands.

Some minutes later I heard sound as if knocking softly on my window pane. Oh, it is finally raining! That is a welcome blessing from heaven and it only signifies that the wrath of El Niño may finally come to an end. A month ago, local news was all about El Nino thus I was afraid that we might experience water shortage. This is an answered prayer I would like to believe. What really matters is that God has not forsaken us despite a blasphemous joke that a government official once thrown in one of his media hype related to electric power crisis and El Nino (I hope God forgives his ignorance).

Climate change, there is not much we can do to control it. So even if it would rain during summer season in our country, and even if I haven’t enjoyed much of the beach yet, I am still grateful for the RAIN.  The less than twenty minutes downpour is just enough to moisten the soil of my precious flora and other wilting plants around the metro.  Unpredictable weather...I am hoping it will not bring us La Niña in the coming months. 


  1. After rain become fresh sky for world

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