Sunday, February 21, 2010

El Nino on its way to its peak

The heat is becoming unbearable these days though my temperature reading hasn't changed much since last week at 86 degrees.  I am at 40 feet above ground thus my temperature reading was a little lower than the actual weather forecast.  In case you haven’t heard the news, the Philippines is currently experiencing dry spells due to the onset of the El Nino phenomenon which started since December of 2009.

According to reports, the below normal rainfall condition were noted in most of Luzon and Visayas and drier surroundings in parts of  eastern, central and  western Mindanao.  It is currently causing damage in the water sector as most of the rivers, which are the sources of irrigation waters, have started to dry up.  The same condition was observed in major dams that supply water for household and industrial uses as these dams hit alarming level.   The dry spell has also caused damage to agriculture amounting to billions of pesos.  The public has been warned about heat-related illness such as heat stroke and accidents such as fire that may become prevalent.  The government has already issued advisories and carried out plans to counter the effects of El Niño.  We have been through the same problems time and again and lucky for us we are well assimilated being in a calamity-prone country, nevertheless, we should not push our luck too far. Time to be reminded....

Anyways, it only says one thing, the heat is really on, better be prepared for any incident that might happen.  The more I feel the heat, the more I like to escape from the city for a while and hit one of those beautiful beaches or island cove in Boracay, Bohol, Bicol or Palawan. I just can't wait....

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