Wednesday, January 6, 2010

EARTH HOUR 2010 (starting family life on a new note)

My family celebrated the new year in a totally different way, it was my husband’s idea to just stay at home without much fun fare as the start of 2010 unfolds. His idea was partly influenced by his being precautious as most accidents happen during this time of year and by strictly living within the boundaries of sacred beliefs. I rode on his idea not just to follow the “if you can’t beat them, join them” method of avoiding life stress but also to create something sensible out of the situation I was in.

While everyone else was singing and dancing to the loud tune of the Wondergirls’ ‘Nobody’ song or getting drunk from all the liquor drinks available, our family was spending time in solemn reverie. While the fireworks did their wonders at the stroke of midnight, we were spending Earth Hour during those times. Yes, spending Earth Hour and I really mean EARTH HOUR, with lights out and major appliances switched off.  Can’t wait for the March 2010 Earth Hour activity?   Maybe…. but  as for my husband and kids, the lights in the house were switched off to let them enjoy the fireworks scene as they look through the 4th floor window of our apartment (which somehow did the trick for the kids to feel we were having a unique celebration) but for me, I would like to believe that we were doing something great for the earth by lessening our family’s carbon footprints.

Yes, by spending quiet family bonding time at home during the new year we were able to lessen our carbon footprint which we could have otherwise contributed had we lighted on a firecracker or cooked a lavish dinner or went on an out of town travel. Mind you, after all the depressing and devastating scenario left by typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy) in most part of Metro Manila and several other natural calamites happening around the globe which most studies claimed as caused by climate change, I could say that I was totally moved and very much eager to give my own share of commitment for our planet’s sake? I hope that true concern for each other spring forth within us and when most of us already decided to pledge some serious time and effort for the benefit of the environment the damage is still reversible and we can still be able to heal the earth. If we do not start today, when do we start to change our ways?

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