Thursday, January 5, 2006

Unsullied Perspective for 2006 Part 2

Continued from Unsullied Perspective for 2006 Part I

Time is of the essence if you belong to those who wished for life’s grandeur. They would need an assistant just to jot down the things that they need to do, the people they need to meet or the things they need to change or else everything will go amiss. For those who live their lives modestly although they also feel that time is precious, they are not that compelled to create resolutions. Just taking each day as it is, sometimes idle and sometimes busy so most likely they have greater needs and wants in life but they find it hard to attain.

They could improve on something even more but they lack the drive to do so. Time is wasted by merely thinking on how and what they are going to change in their life. And for those who doesn't know yet what they want in life, time seems to be a luxury but life is meaningless and poignant. When they get around a point when their memory is failing and their life is depressing, only then they realize that so much time have been wasted and it is too late to make resolutions. Maybe you do not belong to the three types of people that I mentioned, you might have your own way to live your life but whichever way it is, it helps to make written resolutions (and it’s never too late to make one). Consider this as the blueprint of what you want to accomplish for the next days or years to come however big or small, complex or simple they may be. This will give you a direction or purpose in life to some extent. It is not only during the new year that you can make resolutions, if you feel like making one, it will help to write things down so you will know what you need to accomplish or change so that time will not be wasted thinking and thinking what you want to happen in your life. It will also be difficult to forget those written resolutions especially if you post them in a way that you will be reminded to the point of memorizing each line you wrote. It would be like music reverberating in your head that when you sing along with it you will feel ashamed of yourself if you are not singing the right lyrics. Do you ever wonder why there is a need for written plan when you have to construct a tall or wide structure like buildings or mansions and why other simple structures are built without one. Most probably you know which structure is stronger and could brave a stormy weather. That’s how written resolutions could play a part in your life, you can decide which structure you want for yourself. Anyway, you are the master of your life, with or without written resolutions, it will be all up to you if you want to make a difference or not. As for me, my resolutions for the new-year are: to create a resolution, write them down because I cannot count on my memory at all times (I tend to forget as I said), and writing is beneficial for the health according to studies, act now because I do not own lavish time, there may be people who wished for me to change my ways for the better so before they even get to rest in peace I may give them the joy of seeing me change for the better (joke!) \(^o^)/ Kidding aside, whatever my resolution is, I already wrote them and saved it for myself for the meantime, but I hope to share them with you also. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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