Thursday, October 20, 2005

Miscellany of Unforgettable Days

It’s past halfway of October, just as fast as how time flies is also how quickly various circumstances came to pass. Sometimes it’s just hard to let go of those feelings especially the happy ones. If only I can save them just exactly how each event happened that I may be able to relive them at an instance I wish to. It’s a good thing that I can note down the account of those days so that I may be reminded then laugh or cry about them…

October 4: Met a few new people from two of our field offices during a brief presentation of our application program. This will surely be a busy month of new and exciting job-related activities. I just hope not much of a headache but more of the good things that will add up to my erstwhile experience.

October 8: Just finished reading the book Wealth within your Reach by Francisco Colayco. This book was recommended to me by my friend Joy and it was really an informative book which I also suggest for you guys to read. Guess I’ve become too serious with the odds and ends of my financial status that’s why I finished reading this book in just one sitting. Whew, now I learned a better equation to financial freedom and that is: INCOME – SAVINGS = EXPENSES and not the way we used to do it which is INCOME – EXPENSES = SAVINGS. That means whatever income that you generate, put aside a portion of it first as savings (simply put it as paying yourself first for all the hard work you have done) then whatever that is left of it you have to stretch for your expenses (just one of those things that you will learn from this book). I lend this book to my younger sis and she’s very much delighted of the things she learned from it.

October 12: Felt so sad after hearing a depressing disclosure from a good friend. I just wonder why life has to be upsetting sometimes, why we or the people we hold dear have to go through such an agony. I easily break to tears when I see people close to me start to cry like I also feel the pain that they are going through. This time I became more wary about my family’s health after learning or hearing about people I know or someone they know going through a difficult phase. Inevitable concerns like health, in addition to finances just have to be in the list of priorities as one grows old, now I affirmed this to be true.

October 17: Not much of a good day for me. I’ve just seen the result of the First Time Mobile Film Makers Contest that I joined into and of the fifteen finalists that were selected, I was not among those.\(^o^)/ Obviously, it was not really meant for me, so I’ll just charge it to experience, there are still countless of other things which are worth trying and joining anyway. But it doesn’t mean that I will stop this mobile filming stuff. This is so much fun than I imagined so I will still take videos or photos of anything that will capture my fancy. I am happy for those who were selected and of the fifteen finalists five of them were from the Philippines. So guys, let’s wish these five Filipinos the best and may one of them bring home the grand prize.

October 18: According to Alexander Graham Bell, “when one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us”. I take heed on not looking at the closed door for too long and true enough I was able to see other doors of opportunity that opened for me. On this day I have confirmed the result of the promo board’s decision regarding the one I wrote about in my previous post. I am very happy of the positive outcome and this gives me a different feeling of high after feeling down yesterday. Also on this day I met more friendly people on the job and I am really gratified on seeing them pleased at using our application program. Our group felt elated for the warm welcome and for their cooperation, how nice it is seeing them wait for their turn and excited to have their pictures taken =) and uploaded on their profiles. Also on this day I met Mang Ed, the official photographer in one of our field offices (he’s the one who took the pictures of the employees). I and my friend Virna had a brief chat with him where he gave us tips on how to take pictures the professional way. He even offered to train us on how to do it. I should have learned of these things before I joined in the FTMF Contest. I may not be so lucky to be selected as finalist but I felt like I also win for meeting a good person like him who is willing to share with us his knowledge about photography. It is this simple act of kindness that really makes my day worthwhile.

October 20: Had a threesome lunch date with a very dear friend, just a way to thank her for the valuable advices, for all the appeals that we asked her that she never turned down, and for being with us in realizing our dreams.

These are only the bits and pieces of the good and bad memories of the days that went by.

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