As a token of gratefulness and appreciation to loyal readers of Unsullied Perspective and as preparation for our blog's ten-year presence in 2015, we are hosting the Twelve Months of Fun Treat that started last September until our 10th year anniversary in August 2015.  Also as part of our advocacy, we will indulge ourselves in the power of sharing ang gift-giving all year round.

Join us every month and you might stand a chance of being selected for our simple fun treat celebration.

 Unsullied Perspective's Monthly Fun Treat is not a sales promotion contest and is not in anyway related to any company.  It does not intend to promote or endorse the products used as giveaways.  Also, it does not require permit from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Please refer to the reference below based on DTI briefing with bloggers.

Fun Treat #12 for August
Fun Treat #11 for July
Fun Treat #10 for June
Fun Treat #9 for May
Fun Treat #8 for April
Fun Treat #7 for March
Fun Treat #6 for February
Fun Treat #5 for January
Fun Treat #4 December Winners
Fun Treat #4 for December
Fun Treat #3 November Winner
Fun Treat #3 for November
Fun Treat # 2 October Winner
Fun Treat # 2 for October
Fun Treat # 1 September Winner
Fun Treat # 1 for September


1. All bloggers, be they personal diarists, professional bloggers or any combination that lie in between are NOT REQUIRED to secure a DTI permit granted as long as the contest does not require any purchase and the annual cost of the prizes are under Php1,000,000 and the prizes are technically provided by the blogger

2. In cases when the prizes are provided by a sponsor, whether as a good will gift to the blogger or as a specific prize for a promo, the blogger is NOT REQUIRED to secure a DTI permit as long as the annual cost of all such promotions do not exceed Php200,000

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