Saturday, September 12, 2015

Monthly Fun Treat Closing and 15th Anniversary Announcement

We are happy that we reached our blog's fifteenth year milestone from our very humble beginning in 2005. Last September 2014, Unsullied Perspective started the Monthly Fun Treat that intends to give something to our readers as a token of appreciation.

Today, we are officially closing our Monthly Fun Treat.  But this does not mean that we will stop our endeavor of sharing our blessings.  Fifteen years is such a feat, and we feel that we will not tire of writing and sharing with you our collection of positive views and life's learnings.

To mark our 15th Anniversary, I am happy and excited to announce that we will be releasing our very first book, hopefully this year, so please watch out for that! 

Anyways, here are our winners of our monthly Fun Treat.

Fun Treat # 9 for May 2015 - Roxanne Alvior
Fun Treat # 10 for June 2015-Shaira Joy Caranguian
Fun Treat # 11 for July 2015 - Bianca Monacillo
Fun Treat # 12 for August 2015- Marielyn Flores

Congratulations to our lucky blog readers/commenters!  Each of you won free cellphone load worth 200.00 pesos of any Globe, Smart, Sun, Talk and Text.Send us a private message at with your nominated cellphone number where we will send the free load. Again, congratulations to all our winners.  You can check the list of winners below to see if you won.  To those who have not yet claimed their prize, you have until the end of September (30 September 2015) to send an email and inform us of your intention to get your prize.  After that period, we shall forfeit your prize and donate the equivalent money value to charity. 

Fun Treat 1 September 2014 - (forfeited if unclaimed in 7 days)
1. Martha Guiao - (Starbucks card-claimed)
2. Starbucks card (unclaimed - raffled off for FT2)

Fun Treat 2 October 2014 - forfeited if unclaimed in 30 days
3. 500 SM gift card (unclaimed - raffled off for FT3)
4. Shalimar Uy - Starbucks card-claimed)
Fun Treat 3 November 2014 (forfeited if unclaimed in 30 days)
5. Binoy Metoy Valmocina - 500 SM gift card-claimed)
6. 500 SM gift card - (unclaimed to be raffled off for FT8)
Fun Treat 4 December 2014 (can be claimed within the promo period)
100 cellphone load 
1. Rosevic Moreno
2. Mary Grace Bernardo
3. Rezzia Janelle Verroya(claimed)
4. Jenefa Laraya
5. Yhie Nocasa(claimed)
Fun Treat 5 January 2015(can be claimed within the promo period)
Baby pants from Families Fashion
1. Mary Doll Sillacay 
2. Madho Dioso-Boquiron
3. Janet Magtarayo
4. Rhiza Cruz
5. Princess Grace Apduhan Lacanaria
Fun Treat 6 February 2015 (can be claimed within the promo period)
Baby pants from Families Fashion
1. Sandra Reyes
2. Rem Henson
3. Rhiza Cruz
Fun Treat 7 March 2015 (can be claimed within the promo period)
100 cellphone load
1.Katreena Aban
2.Dheng Ruiz
3.Katherine Atienza
4.Rizia Elyna Orduna
5.Van Agustin

Fun Treat 8 April 2015 (can be claimed within the promo period)
1. 500 SM gift card - Lira Joy David
2. 100 cellphone load - Ghie Ramilo
3. 100 cellphone load - Liezel Vergara

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