Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Giveaway for March Fun Treat

Here are our five winners for our March Fun Treat.
1.Katreena Aban
2.Dheng Ruiz
3.Katherine Atienza
4.Rizia Elyna Orduna
5.Van Agustin

Congratulations to our five lucky blog readers/commenters!  Each of you won free cellphone load worth 100.00 pesos of any Globe, Smart, Sun, Talk and Text.

Send us a message at unsulliedperspective@gmail.com with your proof of identity and your  nominated cellphone number where we will send the free load.

Once again, let us continue to indulge in the power of sharing and gift-giving. Watch out for our April Fun Treat and you might stand a chance for an unexpected gift from us.

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