Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How to File for PhilHealth Maternity and Newborn Care Package

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Some of our blog readers requested for a post about Philhealth that will help them defray the cost of maternity related expenses.  Do you know that Philhealth members can also avail of the Newborn Care Package aside from the maternity care package? That means aside from the hospitalization benefit accorded to members, your newborn is also covered by your Philhealth. I have summarized for you the steps to avail of this benefit.

For employed members:
Before you take your two months maternity leave of absence from work, make sure that you have already inform your HR Department that you will avail of the Philhealth.  That will give them ample time to prepare your Certificate of Monthly Contribution that you will need as supporting document to your claim form.
Should you wish to accomplish the form before your scheduled leave:
1. Download a copy of the CF1 form from the Philhealth website and print two copies. You need two copies, one for you and one for your baby, that means two Philhealth claims.
2. Accomplish two copies of the CF1 or Claim Form 1 and have the Employer Information part be signed by your company's authorized representative.
3. If you are admitted to a Philhealth registered hospital, inform the admitting personnel that you will use your Philhealth. They usually provide the claim forms CF1, CF2 and for newborn care package CF3.  The CF2 and CF3 will be accomplished by the hospital or clinic. That means you only need to submit your previously accomplished CF1 with your certificate of contribution.
4. Once you completed all forms, submit it to the hospital's Philhealth personnel prior to your discharge for them to compute the Philhealth benefit that shall be deducted from your hospital bill.  The forms to be submitted are:
     a.   For you (maternity package): CF1, CF2 and certification (this entitles you to 6,500 normal delivery and 19,000 caesarean delivery of maternity benefit deducted from your hospital expenses)
       These documents are usually submitted to the philhealth personnel in the hospital prior to discharge.

     b.   For baby (newborn package): CF1, CF2, CF3, your certificate of contribution, baby's birth certificate and the newborn screening stub that will be provided to you by the hospital. (This entitles you to 1,750 maximum benefit).
      These documents are usually submitted to the hospital after you secure your child's birth certificate and newborn screening test result. You can submit your claim to the hospital for them to forward to Philhealth or you can go directly to Philhealth office to file this claim.  Make sure that you file this within the 60 days period.

For voluntary/self employed members
You need same forms as above CF1, CF2, CF3 but instead of certificate of contribution, you need to attach the Member Data Record (MDR) that you can get from Philhealth office. And you also need to provide copies of latest receipt of payment of monthly contribution.

By the way, included in the newborn care package are BCG and Hepatitis  B vaccines, vitamin K administration , eye prophylaxis, the newborn screening test, and breastfeeding advice/counselling.

Remember, if you are a paying member you are entitled to these benefits.

If you are not yet a member of Philhealth, it is best to act now. Read our post on how to register online. Read More...