Saturday, April 13, 2013

First Post for 2013

June 1, 2012...that's the last time I posted in this blog! The great news is... I am not planning on abandoning this site forever!  I still go back here whenever i got plenty of time to spare.  I read my own posts from time to time as I get to relive happy moments I had and it also reminds me of my own life's lessons.  Hmm...ten months had passed and that means lots and lots of enriching experiences that I failed to take note of.  If my memory would serve me well, I still want to write about them when I find the opportunity to do so.  Indeed, first love never dear Con, i mean my love for writing, huh! It's a lot different when it's all about the story of us. :-D  Anyway, I momentarily stopped blogging to focus on a very important event in this life of a working-blogging mom.  I gave way to have an all exclusive "Just-between-you-and-me" moment with my precious little one.  Blogging keeps me awake until the wee hours of the morning so after I learned that I was pregnant, i decided to stop for a while since it was advised by my doctor to take lots of rest as much as possible and to sleep early.  The long wait is finally over.  I can now go back to blogging ang all those activities I missed. (*o*)  I missed some things but I gained much more with an additional angel in my life.  That means more great things ahead, more happy adventures to try and lots of exciting moments to share.  Happy blogging everyone!

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