Sunday, February 20, 2011

Remembering Pizza-Making Workshop at Greenwich

It’s halfway past February and my kids were all busy reviewing for their final exams.  Some weeks more and it would be the end of another school year and the start of their summer vacation.  This early, we are already planning on summer activities that the kids can join in to make their vacation extra memorable.

Some summers ago, they enjoyed a pizza-making workshop by Greenwich in 2006.  They really had great fun although it was only for one day. We paid about P150 inclusive of all the materials and a free lunch for the participant.
all ready for their pizza making lesson
The activity started with the speaker giving the kids an orientation on what is in-store for them that day then they introduced themselves one by one.  They had games and prizes just like in a birthday party but of course, the main highlight of the program was pizza-making.  While the ingredients and other materials were being distributed, the speaker gave the kids the pointers on making great pizza.  Then the kids were guided through the kitchen when it was time to cook their pizza in the oven.  After that, the speaker announced that the kid’s works will be judged and the three who made great pizza will each win a prize.  My son won first prize for that!     

seriously taking the lesson by heart

guided by the staff

While I was browsing through their photos taken from that workshop, my daughter saw it also and asked me to have her join in same activity come school break.  That means I don’t need to persuade one of them to take summer workshop.  It’s about time to set aside a budget for that, have the cam ready and to search for worthwhile fun activities.  It would be great if Greenwich will have the same workshop for this year.            

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