Monday, February 1, 2010

Be Earth-Friendly and Save More

Although I am still too far from being a true-blue environmentalist, certain circumstances somewhat drive me closer and closer to that vocation. While my parents had instilled in me the importance of nature, WWF has effectively influenced me to become more environment-conscious. The reaction is somewhat contagious as I see in my kids the enthusiasm of being responsible earthlings, too.

Aside from that, I was able to save considerable amount of money by being earth-friendly. With that I have proven that I have nothing to lose but a lot more to gain when I put into practice even a little thing I do for nature.

I reduce, reuse and recycle almost anything that gets inside my home but when I need to throw away something, I make sure to segregate them accordingly. I can see in the face of our garbage collector that he was happy getting all the trash coming from our home despite the fact that he needs to get upstairs to the 4th floor every single day. There are days when I have nothing to throw away but still he would ask to be sure. I think that is something to thank for.

It has become my habit of switching off lights and unplugging appliances when they are not in use as it has been said that appliances on standby mode still use much power and add up to electric consumption. I also use compact fluorescent light (CFL) in the house which is said to be more energy efficient. I may not have solar panels or windmills to generate electricity by natural means but I was able to take advantage of the sun and wind in our everyday living. When my husband and I first searched for an apartment, we made sure that we will get an energy-efficient place to live in. Large window is one of the requirements we considered so we may be able to enjoy as much sun light and air.

We were lucky enough to find one and as a result we were able to limit the use of artificial light inside our house during the day, we replaced our automatic washing machine to a single tub as we were able to dry our clothes outside in the fresh air and sunlight. We have given up the use of air conditioning unit since natural air freely gets into the house and when there are times that it really gets too hot, our tolerance was powered up by our desire to reduce our impact to our purses and of course to the environment. Now I am reaping the benefit of my being earth-friendly after saving much in my electric bill. Need I compute the benefits? :-)

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  1. True enough we’ll be helping to save the environment without even noticing it just by reducing the use of electricity which, actually, our intention is to lessen our finances… and by reducing our garbage… always remember the 3Rs.. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle..!!!